Underground Paris

You could spend you whole life in Paris and never know they existed. Yet, once you know they are there – half-hidden by high embankments and rusting chainlink fences – it is impossible not to notice. Continue reading

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Armchair workout

The whir of treadmills punctuated by the sharp crack of colliding dumbbells. The scent of sweat mingling with a faint waft of chlorine from the swimming pool. For many people, these sounds and smells are a common part of the regular visit to the health club. Continue reading

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A Breath of fresh air

Whilst some patients respond well to steroids, many find them unsuitable as they can induce side effects such as weight gain and fungal infections. LTRAs have fewer side effects and could be helpful for up to 80% of patients, for whom inhalers are inappropriate. Continue reading

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Knee-ding Support

The recent announcement that a clinical trial for testing a new form of stem cell therapy has been given the go ahead has received considerable coverage in the press. Continue reading

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Get some perspective

The Barbican Centre looks more like a fortress than the largest performing arts centre in Europe. The surrounding estate, a tribute to concrete slabs and sharp lines, is not winning any aesthetic prizes from me. However its long walkways and low lighting are a great opportunity to play around with perspective. I don’t usually go out shooting with a theme Continue reading

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Abney Park cemetery

Fresh from my last bout of urban exploration, I recently headed up to Abney Park cemetery in Stoke Newington to root around an old church hidden deep within. Graves, far outliving those that made them lay everywhere, anonomously swallowed up by creeping vines and long grass. Continue reading

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Urban Exploration

Nestled between a building supply merchant and nameless industrial units, you could easily walk past it every day and never look at it twice. However, look a little closer and you are presented with an unmissable opportunity. Continue reading

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